It is sometime in the future. The great Storm has flooded most of the world. Electricity is hard to come by. The church is corrupt. They take young girls and if they make a nun then they start breeding them to repopulate the Earth. If not you are turned out into the desert.
At eleven years old, Maud was sold to the priests. The world is a different place. Storms destroyed most of everything and everyone. The winters are long and cold and the summers are short and hot. When Maud turns twenty-one, she is sent to her next phase of her nun training. But she goes out walking and sees a fox and follows it. She knows if she doesn’t get back on time, she’ll be punished but she just keeps following the little fox until she comes upon a mountain of a man.
Gunnar is a raider. They take what they want. But he is looking for a virgin to do a spell to bring his mate back to him. Maud just happens to be a virgin, so she goes with him. She doesn’t know he wants to use her body as a vessel for his deceased mate. The more time he spends, the more he realizes he is getting attached to her. His clan kept telling him that his mate was a traitor and she had to die for her traitorous actions.
A bit long. And a little slow at the beginning. It was hard to hold my attention. Be aware anal sex, blow jobs, and spankings.
Also the characters on the book cover looks nothing like was described in the book. Drives me crazy when that happens.




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