MacKenna is a loner wolf shifter. She helps at a shelter for loner shifters. She helps place them with packs of they want. MacKenna was brought there as a child and doesn’t know where she comes from.
Ryan is a wolf shifter, an Enforcer, and scary. He has an instant attraction to Kenna. He is a relative to a young wolf shifter, who has no family. He agrees to take the boy but the boy is not a trusting person. So he must convince him that he’ll not let anything happen to him.
A crazy Alpha wants the shelter to join his pack but they refuse. That makes him dangerous. MacKenna and Ryan will protect them along with his pack.
As, MacKenna tries to fight the mating bond, Ryan embraces it. It will take the whole pack to convince MacKenna that she is one of them.
I laughed. I wanted to cry. Very hot sex. A grumpy wolf, a lone wolf, crazy pedophile, and lots of different shifters. Loved it.




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