Leah saw her family killed when she was eleven. She hacked the man who killed them and took a bunch of his money, put him on no fly lists, now he has a ten million dollar bounty on her head. She is at a train station and a boy gets caught up in her escape and they both end up on a ship with the bounty hunter.
Haanes is ex military and a polar bear shifter. He is commander of some mercenaries. His bear part knows Leah is its mate but he has been hurt before. He takes her to his home in Finland, to keep her safe but she thinks he’s just waiting to turn her over to the drug lord. When one of his men shows up and beats her, Haanes comes back just in time to save her but his second in command gets away. He stays by her side until she is better and tells her everything about himself. Now he hopes she will forgive him and stay with him.
Bears. Hackers. Crazy man. A butler who knows all the secrets. Can’t wait for second book.
Only thing I didn’t like was I got to page 177 and it was the end of the book. I thought is was supposed to have been 235 pages. There is a short story at the end. I loved WOLF FEVER.
Raine escapes from a sleep study, feeling something is wrong with her. She feels like there is something inside her. She goes to Ryder’s bar to buy his services. She wants him to kill her but one look and he knows she is his mate. Raine knows they injected her with a wolf serum making her strong. As they search for Ryder’s missing cousin, they try to figure out who injected Raine.
Great story with plenty of sex, Alpha wolves and a crazy scientist. Hoping there will be a story for Mandy and one for Theo.




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