In 1531 Cailin is an adult and is betrothed to James. Cailin has been trained by her father, Broderick, in protecting herself. James has been to Germany to a fencing school and has came to claim Cailin. While they are having a celebration, Cailin and her handmaid Maggie are kidnapped. But Cailin knew it was going to happen and has a medallion to protect her from Angus. Her father is off on a mission to talk to a prophetess to find out how to keep them all safe. James goes to rescue Cailin and they fight Agnus, the Vamsyrian, who had her kidnapped to get back at Broderick.
Great story. The only thing that confused me was when Broderick visits the prophetess. It was sort of confusing. Also, it talked about Davina and Cailin being kidnapped when Cailin was ten years old but it doesn’t go into much detail. I loved Cailin and James, they are a perfect match for each other. Davina is still as strong as ever. Cailin’s handmaid, Maggie, is hilarious.




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