Kira owns a construction company but her brother runs it until she gets married or turns forty. Her brother is obnoxious and wants some land on a mountain. She goes up to talk to them, car breaks down, falls down a hill, hurts her ankle, and is stuck with a sexy lion shifter during a snow storm. Luke is the Alpha and is starting his mating heat. When he finds Kira, he knows she is his mate. He owns the land her brother wants and refuses to sell. She is an independent woman and doesn’t take to kindly to all the mine declarations. But she cannot fight the attraction to him.
Panty melting sex. Crazy ex. Psychotic brother. Loved it! I was reading a sample of MISS MATCHED and it starts with Kira and Luke’s wedding so I had to go and get this one so I read the sample and had to buy it.




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