Eric is a former football player and he invented a sports game. Skiing he broke his leg and has a full cast for awhile. Julie has taken care of her parents for six years. Her dad passed away months ago and now she is by her mother’s side as she passes away too. As she’s leaving the hospital she gets stuck in an elevator with Eric. He’s a grumpy, controlling man. He has an assistant but wants to hire Julie to help him with little things. He offers her a million dollars for working for him for three months. She agrees but neither expects to fall for each other. Julie is different from any woman Eric has been with. And Julie never dreamed she could land someone as handsome as Eric. Now at times you will feel like shaking Eric, but he is used to being in control of everything and so many things are beyond his control that he gets snippy. Julie is sweet and sort of fades into the background. I laughed and cried. Some hot sex scenes and a romantic picnic. Loved this book!




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