I laughed, I cried, and was on the edge of my seat.
Kori works as Kai’s assistant in his office. Kai is a therapist and a Dom. When he’s brother and his entourage shows up, Kai must face his past. His brother Jared is an actor doing a movie based on one of Serena’s books. So he’s at MT and Sanctum to get into his role. The feds think he is a serial killer and want Kai to find evidence against him but Kai tries to prove its not him. They show him around Sanctum and Kori and Kai end up doing a scene together. Kai is a sadist and Kori is a masochist so they are a match made in heaven. It takes a killer, a couple of spankings, and misunderstandings to get these two together.
Hunky Doms, a sexy secretary, and more secrets than two people know. Can’t wait for the next one. Not a whole lot of sex but a dandy story anyway.




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