Joleen is a waitress and on a bad relationship. She is trying to save her money so she can leave Cole, the boyfriend. Jax is a bear shifter plus a volunteer firefighter. He is usually a one / two night stand guy but something about Joleen makes him want more. He saves her from her ex and takes her to his cabin. They have wild sex. She thinks they’re going to fast and moves in with a co worker. He wants her with him. They argue and she says some mean things.
Four months go by and he gets a feeling Joleen is in trouble. So he rushes to her and her ex is smacking her and saves her again. He takes her back to her place. They tell each other they missed each other and love each other.
Now this is a good story until the end. Joleen was mad because Jax hadn’t called or texted the whole time. But she tells him ““Stay the hell away from me, you arrogant beast!” and ““I do. Get out of here, Jax. Go to hell, for all I care.” and then she gets upset when she doesn’t hear from him. I wanted to smack her myself. But I did enjoy the book.




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