Leif is the Viking king of immortal warriors. They protect humans for evil. Naya was raised in a lab with her brother. She was injected with a formula that makes her a super soldier. She is stronger and heals faster than humans. But her brother is in a coma like state. She is a cyber security specialist and as she’s leaving a club, Leif is being attacked by wolf like creatures. They poison him and she kicks their ass. She disappears but Leif’s men locate her and bring her to their fortress. Leif is in for a big surprise..after having sex with her, his snake tattoo finishes which means she is his true mate. But she’s afraid he’ll turn against her when he finds out that she was made in the same lab as the wolverines. She leaves because she believes she has something that will help her brother but the longer she’s away from Leif the sicker they both become and his beserker is closer to the surface and ready to go on a rampage. But once he knows her location, he’ll stop at nothing to get his queen back.
I loved this story. Leif is a strong, good looking Viking. Naya is a enhanced human who’ll do anything to save her brother. Some hot sex. Maybe a traitor. Some of the words couldn’t pronounce so it made it a little frustrating.




3 thoughts on “4.5 stars for VIKING WARRIOR RISING by @asamariabradley

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