4.5 stars
Mariah is a singer in a band. They play mostly bars and lounges. On her way home her car breaks down and a motorcycle pulls up behind her. She thinks it’s the biker who has been harassing her but it’s a different biker. Cody helps her and then asks her out. She knows there’s a connection between them but she is still having problems with the other guy.
This is a short story told only in Mariah’s point of view. Sex. Fights. Misunderstandings.
4.5 stars
Jace is now leader of the Cerberus Legends Motorcycle club since the president and his best friend died. He was shot in the gut and on life support. Jace cut the tube and ended his misery. He goes to a bar and sees Classic. A gorgeous stripper whom he ends up having sex with. When another member is called, Jace declares war on the other club. Classic is in a motorcycle accident and is in bad shape. Now Jace is realizing they could have had something special. The club is keeping an eye on her and hoping she recovers.
Motorcycles. Blood. Sex. And cliffhanger.



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