Kathleen was a security specialist. When her sister is accused of murder, she sells everything to pay for her attorney and moves to Chicago to be closer to her.  When she’s found guilty, someone shoots her in the courthouse. A piece of the bullet is near her heart. But a woman dressed as a nurse goes in and poisons her. Kathleen is devastated. Justice offers her a job and help in clearing her sister’s name.
Eli has two little girls and has been receiving threatening emails. He knows someone wants him dead but he can’t figure who or why. His father and brother were very bad men. With his father dead and brother in jail, it could be any number of people wanting revenge. He talks Kathleen into being a bodyguard for his girls. But soon realizes he must get them out of the country until they find out who wants them dead.
Together with Justice, Nick and Kennedy Gallagher they will find who put the hit out on them and the assassin doing the killing.
Plenty of secrets, surprises, edge of your seat suspense, love and loss.




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