Emma is a bear shifter. When she went to her first Gathering, two males fought over her and killed each other. She is blamed and banished. After three years of living alone in the forest, her leg is mauled by a hellhound in her attempt to save some human kids. She is rescued and lives with Ben also a bear shifter. He takes care of her as she heals. His brother shows up with his little girl. Ben hasn’t seen Ryder, a panther shifter, in years. The cub was abused by her mother and doesn’t speak. He is distrustful of females. But little by little he starts to fall for Emma. Ben has already fallen for her but doesn’t want to lifemate because he’s afraid she wouldn’t be able to birth his cubs. When her leader shows up from her old town, she takes off afraid she will be banished again. But misunderstandings are cleared up and they think it’s smooth sailing until Ryder’s ex shows up wanting the cub. So now they must prove what a horrible mother she is to protect their little family.
Two bears and a panther fight hellhounds, ex’s, and their feelings for each other. Couple of hot sex scenes. I have been waiting for the next book in this series. Was not disappointed!




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