Lizzie follows her husband one day, thinking he is cheating on her but it’s much worse. He’s a paid assassin and he just killed a woman. She threatens to call the cops but he tells her she’ll be blamed because her prints are the only ones there. She packs up, changes her name to Abbi and becomes a librarian in Colorado.
Two years later she meets Chas. A member of the Insurgents and the father of one of her students whom she is helping with his reading.
As soon as Chas lays eyes on Abbi he knows he must have her.
But he was burnt once by his first wife and only wants sex with her. The more he’s with her, the more he wants. But the past comes back for Abbi she is forced to make a difficult choice.
Rough and dirty sex. Bikers.  Sexy librarian and crazy ex’s. Loved the story. Abbi is a little naive about her ex and some of the dialogue is not believable but it’s an excellent story.




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