Cherri has had a rough life. Raped by her stepfather repeatedly, was a man’s mistress who wasn’t nice, then kidnapped by a rival club and almost sold. Now she’s a stripper at Dream House, the Insurgents strip club.
Jax is sergeant in arms and has had a hard on for Cherri since he first laid eyes on her but she wants nothing to do with men.  He removes her from the stage because he doesn’t want her stripping and that enraged her.  How is she gonna to make enough money to get out of this town?
They finally have sex and then she goes to work to find another stripper on his lap. She is furious and won’t let him explain or give him another chance. She befriends an older member but he’s more friend than lover.
When her past comes back to haunt her and she is kidnapped, Jax will do anything to get to her back even go against the brothers.
I hate how they treat women. But the stories are so addictive. Rough sex. Suspense. And a totally badass biker and a stripper trying to make a better life for herself.




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