Cara is an attorney out with her best friend when she meets Hawk at a biker bar. Hawk is VP of the Insurgents MC. When Hawk gets into some trouble, his club is referred to her. After she gets him out of trouble they have sex, on her desk. She tells him it was a one time thing. He gets mad and she gets mad about some of the things he says to her. But when a rival motorcycle club threatens her, he is there to keep her safe. She has been looking into the killings of young girls and now they want to shut her up permanently. Hawk will do anything to keep her safe  even keep her in the club with him.
Lots of dirty sex. Suspense. Hot bikers and a sexy lawyer.
Why I have it three was because at first the dialogue between the characters didn’t sound real but on in the book it was better. Also, she would say something hateful or snobbish to Hawk, then he’d say something back and she’d get all mad and hurt feelings. I wanted to smack the crap out of her.




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