This story takes place when a great Storm comes and washes just about everything away. There are little kingdoms run by kings and some were raiders. Electricity is very hard to come by. But Helena’s family knew a way to get to the satellites in the sky and turn the grids back on. That has been her mission since her parents were killed two years ago. Raiders come into the village and take her back with them.
Tyr is the war chief to the clans king. He is all about the brotherhood and sex. But something about Helena makes him want to claim her even though she is hiding something The same man who killed her parents, killed Tyr’s blood brother. And he will do anything to get his revenge.
This story was a little hard to get into at first. There is a lot of sex and dirty talk. Raiders, camp girls ( who have sex with anyone anytime ), and a raider who 
doesn’t realize he can love and be loved.


Release Date January 5, 2016


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