Honor is a relief worker in the Middle East. When her clinic is bombed by a group of terrorists, Honor is the only survivor. She is trapped under debris and when the terrorist leave because the building is unsafe, Honor knows she must hurry and get out before they come back.
Hancock is the leader of a group of men who straddle the line between good and bad. They are always after the bad guys but sometimes innocent people get in the crossfire. He has been after one man, Maksimov, for awhile and now he is close to getting him but first he must deliver Honor to a group, who in exchange will give her to Maksimov, who Hancock wants.
What Hancock doesn’t expect is this courageous, beautiful woman who will not let anything break her. But when his plan backfires and Honor is taken, he’ll move heaven and earth to get her back. She thinks Hancock betrayed her and gives up the fight to live. Hancock calls in every favor owed to him and rescues her but believes she could never forgive him, so he starts a downward spiral. When Honor finds out the truth, she goes to drag his sorry butt out of the pits of Hell and back to her.
At first it was hard to get into this book.  I almost stopped reading it and by the end was glad I finished it. I did cry a little. This is not like her usual stories. One sex scene. But plenty of action.




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