Hilary is from a very dysfunctional family. Her mother and her aunt had sex with the same man on the same night. The results was Hilary and her cousin/half sister BeBe. They were born minutes apart. Hilary was wild in her younger days but now she is the right hand woman of a billionaire business man.
  Mark is a billionaire and owns multiple restaurants. He needs a date for the families Fourth of July barbecue. His mother is trying to set him up with an heiress. So he convinces Hilary to be his date. Everyone calls his girlfriends the Quarterly Girls. But he feels different with Hilary. He might have grown up rich but his family is very dysfunctional.
  Her cousin/half sister is determined to cause trouble and break Mark and Hilary up. Plus his mother is no help either. She threatens Hilary and she breaks up with him. But Mark is finally in love and nothing will stand in his way in winning Hilary’s heart.
  I got so mad at Mark’s stuck up, nosey, witch of a mother. BeBe is a backstabbing, evil person.  A little sexy.  A gorgeous plus size woman. A sexy man who TRIES to cook for her. And crazy relatives.



“I’m going to keep at it until you tell me to my face that you don’t want me… or else you finally realize I mean it when I say I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. I can’t change my upbringing or my past. But I can change my future. I’ll spend the rest of my life loving you the way you deserve to be loved.”-Mark


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