I am only 32% into this book and there are so many mistakes it’s driving me crazy. Miles is supposed to be part of the highway reapers motorcycle club. But it keeps saying he’s with the Blood Pact Club. Brea’s brother is on the Blood Pact but keeps saying he’s in the Reapers.
Brea was raised by her brother who wouldn’t let her out of the house unless she snuck out. She gets a job at a tattoo parlor in the next town over. She moves there and that’s where she meets Miles.
Now the Reapers and the Blood Pact are about to war and Miles will do anything to keep Brea safe, even leave the only life he’s ever known.
I did finish the whole book.



Highway Reapers – the motorcycle gang with which Miles ran.

When he’d first joined the Blood Pact he reveled in the opportunity to unleash some of his pent up anger. He finally felt like he was a part of something. -Miles

“You seem troubled,” Brea continued, tiling her head to the left. -tilting was either titled or tiling.

Miles felt resentment for his Uncle burning inside him like a forest fire as he jogged back to the motel, back to Colin and Hank and back to the strange loyalty that he owed the Highway Reapers. A loyalty which had robbed him of an evening out with the woman he loved.


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