Brianna goes to the Middle East to interview the Delta Force right after graduating college. She meets Reaper (Noah) and falls hard for him. She goes back to the States and gets a job in Miami. Noah leaves the Delta Force and starts up a security business with his friends. He finds her and they start living together. She gets an assignment that implicates Noah and his security team with selling weapons. The man behind ( Richard ) it has known Noah for years. Brianna goes to Turkey to talk to an informant, when everything goes south. Richard runs into Brianna and figures she knows about him. The plane she was supposed to be on explodes and everyone thinks she’s dead. For three years she has been in witness protection program until she sees the paper and finds out Richard, who was supposed to have been on the same plane, turns up claiming to have been held hostage the whole time. He knows Brianna will come out of hiding to protect Noah. He catches her breaking into his house and is shocked. After thinking she was dead, she’s back and he is enraged. She is going to trade her life and her information for Noah’s life. They think they’ve got all the bad guys until she is kidnapped and he must save her before he loses her again.
Awesome story. Plenty of suspense. Second chances. And a total tear jerker. Totally hot sex.

“I completely melt when you whisper sweet nothings like that to me,” she replied. “You spoil me so much more than you should, but that’s not why I love you. Your devoted heart owns me. Your sensual touch commands me. You protect me, help me, calm me, and excite me all at once.”




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