5 stars for UNTIL I DIE AGAIN
Chris is in a car accident, goes over a bridge, and dies at the hospital. Hallie has massive stroke and is in a coma. Chris is giving a second chance, she is put in Hallie’s body and must mend Jamie, Hallie’s husband, broken heart.  When Hallie has her stroke , she’d just asked Jamie for a divorce. When she comes out of the coma, as Chris, Jamie knows she’s different but thinks once her memory returns, she’ll be her old self again. But Hallie slowly falls in love with Jamie and will do anything to keep him.
She keeps having nightmares about her going over the bridge and is determined to find out what really happened. Jamie has been hurt too many times by Hallie and just wants to move on. Hallie cheated on him and was going to go to France with her lover Mitch.  Mitch doesn’t want to give up Hallie but she’s not the same and wants nothing to do with him. She is going to do anything and everything to win her husband back.
This is a story of second chances. It’ll make you cry and you’ll want to slap Hallie for the way she treated Jamie and Jamie for the way he treats the new Hallie. Keep some tissues close by.




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