I’ll be honest, I tried reading this book last week but couldn’t get into it. So today I had nothing to read and decided to give it a try again….loved it! Read it all in one day. You’ve got outlaws, instead of states its colonies because of war. Lots of raunchy sex, that burns the pages up. Lies and secrets. And a wolf pup. I laughed and teared up a little.
   The world is devastated by war. You have West, East, South colonies. Enforcers enforce the rules set by the Global Council. If outlaws are caught they either are put in prison or killed. The outlaws steal and live life to the fullest.
   Hudson, who’s father created the Council, escapes from the compound before her brother has her married off to a sadistic Enforcer. She seeks protection from Connor and his men. She doesn’t tell him who she is. Connor wants to kill Dominick, Hudson’s twin brother, for killing his wife. Connor is a hard, unyielding man. He lets her join them while he figures out what she’s lying about. He tells her he wants sex and only sex. She agrees because she just can’t get enough of him. When he finds out her secret, he banishes her and sends her on her way. But when he realizes his mistake and that he loves her, he will do anything to get her back.


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