Kade is a former football star but when an injury ended his career, his girlfriend left him while in the hospital. Now he works with his brother but when his best friend asks him to find his sister, Kade gets right to work. Two months into the investigation he finds her in Nashville, homeless and living in a shelter.  He collects her things and tells her where to find them. When Asha comes to his hotel to get her stuff, she collapses and he takes her to the hospital. She has pneumonia and Kade is nursing her back to health.
Asha is part American and part Indian. She lived as a servant in her foster home and then they sold her to her husband. Her husband abused her and when she couldn’t get pregnant he said she was sterile because it wasn’t him. After seven years of abuse she finally finds the courage to leave and divorce him. She is an artist and paints people’s walls with any image they want.
Kade convinces her to come back to Florida and meet with her brother and sister. She goes but still doesn’t believe she is their sibling.  Kade has grown close to her and wants to keep her forever but she has plans to be independent for once. She paints several of Kade’s walls in exchange for paying her hospital bill and letting her stay. Once she is finished, she leaves and gets her own apartment but it breaks her heart to be away from him. She loves him but doesn’t think he could love someone like her.
Great story with hot sex. A woman who’s confidence was practically beat out of her. And a sexy ex football player who has his own demons to fight. But everyone deserves to be loved and to love someone special.




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