When Skylar goes out for coffee, she comes back and her boyfriend is dead, with her dagger sticking out of his chest. He belonged to a motorcycle club and the bag he always kept with him is gone. So she runs back to Birmingham, her old hometown. She is hiding from them when she runs into her ex. Shades belongs to the Evil Dead motorcycle club and can’t believe Skylar is back. He pushed her away ten years ago but nothing is going to keep him away now. Skylar finally thinks life is looking up when she finds out about her father and then the other motorcycle gang finds her and takes her back to Atlanta. Now Shades will get her back or die trying.

I loved this book. Hot motorcycle members. Sex. I laughed and cried ( a little ). It’s a real page turner.

“Every time we go through something, Sky, every time we make it to the other side of it, we’re stronger for it. It makes us stronger, better. The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that’s designed to tear them apart and come out even stronger. I’ve got no doubts about us, babe. None. No part of this road feels wrong.”- Shades.


Was $.99 when I bought it. Great deal!


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