5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I’d give 10 STARS if I could. Excellent story! Plenty of “edge of your seat” suspense, sex, and lies. I have learned when these two women get together to write, expect Awesomeness.
Gabe, Roman, Connor, Dax, Zack, and Maddax went to boarding school and have been like brothers since. When Mad is killed in a plane crash, Gabe is left with his company and everything. Everly is a computer nerd. Mad had her into an executive position fast. Everyone thought they were sleeping together and she was the reason Mad left Gabe’s pregnant sister. They meet at a bar after the funeral and spend the weekend in bed. When she goes to work on Monday, she finds out the man she spent the weekend with is her new boss. Now they have people trying to kill them while they figure out what happened to Mad.
I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK! It left you with unanswered questions.



“As he ran down the corridor with her, it struck him firmly that the world had changed. He had to put her before all others. They were going to get married and have kids, and he still loved those friends who had been his whole world, but they would forever take second place to her. His childhood, that grand, carefree time when he could be selfish and the world had been his oyster, was over. He served her now. He would be her husband, and that came with other terms-lover, friend, protector.”


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